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Spander Kinx

June 9th, 2006

Teaser! squee! @ 06:59 pm

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Hello, we've decided to shares a teaser or two, Precious. It's from our human! AU Perfect Offering, by scymnus (me!) We loves feedback, my Precious.

Perfect Offering, or 666 Pretty Corpses, by scymnus
Summery/Warnings: Xander and Spike are wounded and issue ridden. My take on one of the ways shanshu could go horribly wrong. What if Spike was never shy sweet William? What if Jack the Lad was his feckin’ idol when he was human? Would it be any wonder if he came back wrong? Xander is a big old cheater, because he wants Spike to love him as much as all the pretty corpses he leaves in his wake. Poor boys. EXTREME torture and mutitlation warning. I’m not kidding. This is some sick shit. 9 out of 10 British punks lost their lunch after reading this fic.
Rated NC-35, for the sex, the violence, and my foul feckin' mouth. Hee hee. Bring on the pr0n.
Pairing: human! Spike/Xander

Though Spike was human now, he still had a reputation. Nine demons out of ten didn’t want to piss him off. While a vampire skewering people with a rusty railroad spike was scary, an insane human doing it was enough to make Fyarls piss the bed.
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Spander Kinx